The 5 Best Scrubs for Nurses

A nurse spends a lot of time in uniform. When you’re working a 12-hour hospital shift, having comfortable clothes can help you feel better even at the end of a long day. Could you imagine wearing any other type of professional attire when you’re on the floor handling patients all day?

Scrubs have come a long way in the last few years. Remember the utilitarian uniforms with little variation and shape from just a few years ago? Today’s scrubs are as form-fitting or casually loose as you like, with a surprising level of variation around necklines and colors. Let’s look at some of the scrub options today and pick the top five that nurses everywhere seem to prefer.

Finding the Right Fit Means A Lot to Nurses

Scrubs may be the most brilliant invention in all of medicine. There is simply nothing else that could handle the moving, lifting, strenuous walking, and high activity levels found in the medical field. Scrubs are practical, true, but today, they also boast durability and style for any medical setting.

It’s nice to be able to have choices in uniform attire, and scrubs now allow you to choose a variety of manufacturers with variances in everything from cloth and texture to cut and style. Some of the top lines in nursing scrubs today include:

  • Cherokee is an innovator in the field of scrub design. From zippered tops and tuck in shirts to sophisticated nursing shoes with breathable supportive insoles, this is a trusted brand that nurses favor. These are well-made scrubs known for their durable construction at a decent price.
  • Dickies makes everything from men’s woods-inspired outerwear to comfortable scrubs with a tailored look and feel. Dickies has a more basic feel from the Cherokee line, but can be counted on for a durable all-purpose scrub in a variety of more traditional colors and styles.
  • Koi scrubs are designed to be attention-getters. While their pants line is fairly industry standard, it’s their smock tops that are innovative and stylish. The pricing is great and they even have Betsey Johnson scrubs (hot pink, anyone?), which will probably get everyone’s attention on the floor.

We also like the Butter-Soft line from Uniform Advantage for their two-toned softness. These scrubs wash up nicely and have a great stretch line that is super comfortable.

The Urbane line may not be as well known as Cherokee or Dickies, but they offer a nice basic scrub, nothing fancy on the colors, a good price, and excellent comfort.

Med Couture scrubs are advertised as “fashion-forward.” We particularly like the Men’s Signature line as well as the fire engine red scrubs for women. They even have a pseudo yoga pant that looks and wears well.

Finally, check out Wonder Winks stylized notch necklines in a wash and wear style. It’s one of our favorites for sheer wearability and comfort during a nurse’s long shift. The pants even have a surprise double-layer utility pocket on the outside seam that is perfect for a cell phone. It’s a feature that we haven’t seen anywhere else – yet.

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