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Now, more than ever, Registered Nurses (RNs) are in high demand across the country. That means increased compensation, flexible scheduling, and nationwide assignments for RNs eager to jumpstart their career. 

Discover the future of medical staffing at MAS with a variety of local, per diem nursing opportunities. We’re always on the hunt for qualified candidates looking to transition into registered nursing. But it’s about more than staffing—it’s about building rewarding, long-lasting relationships with our registered nurse candidates and providing support, resources, and further career development opportunities. We believe people come first. That’s why we’re committed to bringing the best candidates to our clients and preparing our team for continual success in patient care.


  1. Search Seamlessly – Using simple filters, search for open career opportunities in the specialty, state, and employment structure that best serves you and your professional development goals.
  2. Upload Your Application – Quickly and easily send in your resume, credentials, cover letter, and other basics.
  3. Wait for the MAS Welcome – We’ll reach out with exciting career options and support to help you land the best career opportunity.
  4. Enjoy the Outcome – Embark on your public health journey while accumulating MAS loyalty points, redeemable for prizes and gift cards.

Why Choose MAS?

Qualified RNs are in high demand, but that doesn’t mean every opening is a worthwhile career move. At MAS, we vet and analyze every nursing job to ensure maximum reward for our candidates. As innovators in the healthcare industry, we’re offering more than jobs for nurses—we’re creating a community of knowledgeable and compassionate experts and building a network to elevate your nursing career to new heights.

Competitive Benefits and Pay
Competitive Benefits and Pay

Expect top-tier compensation for your time and expertise with generous salary offerings. MAS also offers weekly and instant pay options, as well as top-ranking healthcare, 401(k) match options, reward programs, and weekly stipends.

Location Flexibility
Location Flexibility

Even if you're looking for local opportunities, you may be interested in living in another city or state in the future. You have the option to choose where your assignments take you. With greater flexibility comes more opportunities for career development and personal achievement.

Assistance with Licensure
Assistance with Licensure

To practice in a new state, you may require additional certification or CNA training to practice. Fortunately, MAS helps you make a swift transition in your CNA career path with streamlined certification tools and assistance.

MAS Incentives and additional perks
MAS Incentives and additional perks

As a way to say “thank you” and reward hard work, you can earn points for completed shifts in order to earn prizes.

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MAS is a good agency to work for. I found the schedulers and the owner to be supportive, direct, and open. I would be provided with a list of available places and shifts to work from which I could choose. This made for a great life/work balance; especially since I was taking care of my own mother at home, and had two teenage children.

Registered Nurse, Per Diem - Manchester, NH

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RN Licensure Requirements By State

All states license registered nurses. It is not always necessary to get a new license to take a position in another state. Approximately half of the United States belong to the nurse licensure compact. This agreement makes it easier for registered nurses to practice in multiple states.

An RN holds a license in only one compact state at a time. The RN may work in other compact states based on a multi-state license issued in their own home state. If the RN changes their primary residence though, they’ll need to transfer their license quickly.

The specifics of the RN licensing process vary from state to state, but there are many commonalities. It’s imperative that a candidate become familiar with their own state licensing agency, and with the licensing agency of any state where they plan to work.

Search for a state below for current registered nurse licensing requirements.


To apply for placement as a MAS RN, you’ll need to fulfill the following requirements. First, share your current resume, active state licensure, proof of graduation from an accredited program, and proof of U.S. work eligibility. Additionally, you’ll need to complete an application, skills checklist, and reference form, and have a minimum of one year of experience in your chosen field. Interested in our flexible per diem RN program? You’ll need the same credentials and experience. Applicants should have outstanding recommendations from former employers, a CPR certification, and an up-to-date health examination.
Following your initial online application, you’ll connect with our expert team of recruiters to find the ideal placement based on your interests, career aspirations, and skillset and how those match with the job description. This is your chance to talk about your experience in the healthcare field, and discover where your career can take you. After your initial phone screening, we’ll compile potential job opportunities that align with what you’re looking for. From there, it’s time to submit a formal application, which will allow us to submit you for open positions with our clients. Throughout this process, you’ll be working directly with your recruiter to ensure full transparency and ongoing support.
After accepting an offer at a new work facility, we’ll make sure everything is taken care of for your first day. Our Quality Assurance team will work alongside you to complete any state-specific or facility-mandated compliance requirements. Standard requirements include a background check, health screening, and licensure for healthcare professionals in your state. We’ll work together to dot our i’s, cross our t’s, and ensure this process goes smoothly, setting you up for success from the very first day.
While salaries for nursing jobs may vary across facilities, positions, and specialties, most MAS-assigned RNs can expect weekly direct deposits every Friday. Additionally, we offer MAS Instant Pay Daily, a seamless program that allows you to access up to 70% of your gross pay in advance. Combine these with opportunities for referral bonuses, reimbursements, and stipends, and you can see that MAS is a highly lucrative way to build your career.
Yes, all RNs that work a minimum of 32 hours per week qualify for our Harvard Pilgrim Health Care program. Harvard Pilgrim is the top-ranked carrier in the country for member satisfaction and clinical nursing care quality, with available coverage for both spouses and dependents at zero additional cost. Beyond health insurance, RNs are also eligible for our 401(k) matching program, supplemental insurance, professional liability insurance coverage, and our loyalty rewards program.