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Traveling is exciting – but it shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing important benefits. MAS offers straightforward benefits befitting top healthcare professionals. If you are about to start a travel nursing career, you’ll be happy to know that you are eligible for a housing stipend, a health insurance plan, and many other benefits through your staffing agency.

We offer:

Travelers should be rewarded for their time, and we strive to find positions that pay as much as 50 percent higher than comparable permanent roles. MAS puts your needs first, designing budgets that include things like tax-free stipends, travel reimbursements, continuing education, medical documentation and state licensure. We also provide you with the best health insurance for travel nurses so you can always be covered.

Your recruiter will walk you through your final offered compensation plan so you understand your eligibility, and you will always know exactly what to expect.

MAS is pleased to offer Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare (ranked the #1 carrier in the nation specifically for member satisfaction and clinical quality) to all travelers who work a minimum of 32 hours per week. Health insurance for travel nurses can also be extended to a spouse or immediate family for an additional cost.

When starting your travel nursing career, we want to help make the transition easier by offering a generous housing stipend. Tax-free travel nursing housing stipends are incredibly important, but MAS Medical Staffing goes one step further, helping you maximize your subsidies. Stipends are included in weekly paychecks, allowing you to control your own living arrangements while on your nursing assignment. Talk to both your recruiter and a tax specialist who understand the rules of these federal stipends to ensure you follow all IRS eligibility guidelines.

The MAS Experience Road Map is designed to reward our travelers in a way that sparks their own motivation. Every person is different, and their goals in life are also very different. Travelers now have the option to choose their incentives track: Rewards Points, Continuing Education, Paid Time Off, All-inclusive vacations, or cash bonuses. The more you work with MAS, the more you earn towards your chosen goal.

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We value the recommendations of our talented professionals and reward travel employees who refer healthcare professionals to MAS. Earn up to $500 per referral (dependent on division and job worked)

Join our Ambassador Program and start making extra cash bonuses!

Employees who have worked full time (1000+ hours) for at least one year are eligible to participate in the MAS 401(k) plan with a company match.

We believe in rewarding staff for their hard work. MAS Rewards Me is a loyalty program where you earn points for each assignment you complete, and those points can be redeemed for a variety of great prizes from our shopping mall, ranging from gift cards to technology, and airline tickets.

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Payday is every Friday and direct deposit is encouraged.

You no longer have to wait until payday. Present your signed time card after your shift and receive 70 percent of your gross pay. The remaining balance will be paid in your weekly paycheck.

Based upon federal guidelines, travelers may also qualify for a per diem stipend to cover food and daily expenses while on assignment with MAS. To qualify for this stipend, you must maintain a primary residence more than a commutable distance away from your secondary or temporary residence.

Working within the parameters of the client budget we may reimburse for continuing education, state licensure, travel to the assignment, mileage reimbursement and pre-employment screenings.

Each assignment outlines a clear start and end date, with a guaranteed number of hours that are to be honored by both the traveler and the facility. Time off can be pre-approved before an assignment and must be noted in the contract. It can be added at any time if both the traveler and the facility agree. We do not penalize travelers if they experience unforeseen emergencies. We understand that sometimes, life happens. In between assignments, travelers are free to take off as much time as they want or need, without penalty.

We offer $2/$4 million professional liability insurance, exceeding the industry standard. This insurance protects your licensure and your right to practice in the field.

MAS is pleased to announce enhancements to the benefits package through payroll deduction options. MAS now offers multiple Allstate options for Universal Life Insurance, Accident Disability, Short Term Disability, Dental/Vision, and Critical Illness. You own the coverage and can take it with you if you leave MAS with no increase in cost.

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Operation Happy Nurse. Operation Happy Nurses is a safe online community and resource center for healthcare professionals to is a place where nurses can decompress and engage with one another to practice stress relief and talk about work-related issues.

Services Offered:
– Discussion boards
– Nurse blogs
– Nutritional support
– Fitness, yoga, and meditation regiments
– Stress management podcasts
– Book club
– giveaways and exclusive discounts
– 24-hour hotline for those needing immediate help

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MAS has been in business for 27 years and has the resources to keep our travelers working from assignment to assignment.

You will always have access to your recruiter’s cell phone, your travel account manager’s cell phone and, of course, our quality assurance specialists! Our team is always just a phone call away.

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