Per Diem Medical Employee Benefits

Per Diem Benefits

The American healthcare system could not function without dedicated, per diem professionals willing to step in and step up wherever there are urgent needs. MAS Medical Staffing believes that those professionals should have access to real-world per diem employee benefits. As a healthcare professional, we want to make sure you have access to all the per diem nurse benefits you deserve. Our robust benefits package and perks are competitive for any registered nurse. To learn more about your per diem employee benefits as a travel nurse, read on. 

We offer:

Payday is every Friday. Direct deposit is available and encouraged.

Cash crunch? You no longer have to wait until payday to receive your per diem employee benefits and pay. Simply, log into our app, Maestra, and complete your instant pay request.

We value the recommendations of our talented professionals and reward per diem employees who refer healthcare professionals to MAS.

Join our Ambassador Program and start making extra cash bonuses!

You asked we listened! We are now offering accrued paid time off to per diem employees working in Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Begin accruing time as an eligible employee after working 90 days with us.

Employees who have worked full time (1000+ hours) for at least one year are eligible to participate in the MAS 401(k) plan with a company match.

MAS is pleased to offer MVP Health Insurance, voted one of America’s best health plans, to all per diem employees who maintain an average of 32 hours per week. Both MAS and the employee contribute to the cost of insurance. Health insurance can also be extended to a spouse or immediate family for an additional cost.

MAS offers Delta Dental Insurance to all per diem employees in Maine and New Hampshire who maintain an average of 32 hours per week. MAS and the employee contribute to the cost of insurance.

We believe in rewarding staff for their hard work. MAS Rewards Me is an incentive program where you earn points just by working with MAS. Points can be redeemed for a variety of great prizes from our shopping mall, ranging from gift cards to paid vacations. Learn more here!

All employees will be paid time-and-one-half their normal hourly rates. Observed holidays differ from facility to facility, so please check with your scheduler to determine whether you are eligible for time-and-one-half on specific days.

MAS routinely offers onsite CPR certification courses in New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maine.

We are happy to provide our regular employees with scrub tops on a merit basis. They come in MAS signature colors – gray and green.

We offer $2/$4 million professional liability insurance, exceeding the industry standard. This insurance protects your licensure and your right to practice in the field.

MAS has been in business for 27 years and has the resources to keep our travelers working from assignment to assignment.

Per diem work isn’t 9-5. When you have questions, concerns or needs support, an MAS expert is always on call to help you.

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Operation Happy Nurse. Operation Happy Nurses is a safe online community and resource center for healthcare professionals to is a place where nurses can decompress and engage with one another to practice stress relief and talk about work-related issues.

Services Offered:
– Discussion boards
– Nurse blogs
– Nutritional support
– Fitness, yoga, and meditation regiments
– Stress management podcasts
– Book club
– giveaways and exclusive discounts
– 24-hour hotline for those needing immediate help

Sign up for your free membership today.

No paper time cards here when working as a per diem nursing staff member! We now have a mobile application for our per diem workers to utilize to log time cards, update schedule availability, and pick up open shifts in your area.

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