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With a well-documented nursing workforce shortage impacting the entire country, there are an abundance of open positions for nurses at all levels of their career. However, not all travel nursing jobs are created equally, and evaluating opportunities can be a challenge for busy professionals. While there are many travel nursing agencies, they are not all created equal. 

MAS Medical Staffing is a leading travel nursing agency in the country, helping professionals uncover nursing jobs that align with their unique definition of success. We act as your partner, matching you with assignments across the country where you will use your skills, make an impact, and feel valued.

As a top travel nurse staffing agency, we help all healthcare professionals find their perfect nursing assignment. As part of our healthcare staffing services, you will also receive a housing stipend, health insurance, and a number of different benefits when working with our nurse agency.

If you’ve been searching for travel nursing agencies to advance your career, partner with MAS today.

An Advanced Travel Nursing Staffing Agency

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MAS is a true asset to your nursing career – a partner you can lean on for support. We promise to provide:

  • Assignments that align with your experience, goals and preferences.
  • Assign to hospitals or a healthcare facility that suits you.
  • Advanced preparation for every job, so there are no surprises on day one.
  • 24/7 support – because travel nurses need support, too.
  • Real-world benefits that add value to your compensation package.
  • The peace of mind that comes from working with an industry-leading travel nursing company.

You commit your time to help others. We commit our resources to help you.

Our travel nurse agency will help your job search to find the perfect travel assignment for your unique situation. Become a traveling healthcare professional with MAS medical today.

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Registered Nurse Licensure Requirements By State

All states license registered nurses. It is not always necessary to get a new license to take a position in another state. Approximately half of the United States belongs to the nurse licensure compact. This agreement makes it easier for registered nurses to practice in multiple states.

An RN holds a license in only one compact state at a time. The RN may work in other compact states based on a multi-state license issued in their own home state. If the RN changes their primary residence though, they’ll need to transfer their license quickly.

The specifics of the RN licensing process vary from state to state, but there are many commonalities. It’s imperative that a candidate become familiar with their own state licensing agency, and with the licensing agency of any state where they plan to work.

Search for a state below for current registered nurse licensing requirements.

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