Inspired Traveler Series: Jessica G.

MAS Inspired Traveler Jessica G.

We believe that being a traveling health professional should be filled with inspiration, memories and unbelievable pictures! To prove it, meet some of our Inspired Travelers sharing their cross country experience.

Today we’re visiting Jessica!

Growing Up did you travel often?

Yes, my mother planned a family vacation for us every year.

Why did you decide that this was the time to travel?

I’m following my boyfriend around, who is in the military. This is the easiest way to ensure I am employed but not commit long term since it inevitable we will move again.

How has it changed your perspective on life?

I think the U.S is one of the few countries where you can experience so many different cultures and customs.

If you take all states into account, I think there is a festival for just about everything (My favorite was the coffee festival in San Antonio 🙂

What made you become a health professional?

My grandfather suffered a TBI when I was in seventh grade. He lost his speech and ability to swallow.

Some people think the worst thing in the world is not being able to walk, but when you can’t communicate your basic wants or needs or tell your wife of 40 years that you love her before you go…you see how important a Speech Pathologist’s role is.

I knew I wanted to go into the a medical profession, but that was the year I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I was 13.

Who have you met so far on your journey that left a mark on your trip?

So many friends! And they are from everywhere. The strangest was another Jessica from Maine at the same facility I was at in Texas. She was a traveling OT.

We’re committed to inspiring other traveling health professionals and would love to share your journey and travel experience to our community. We want to see where you’ve been!

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