Why Per Diem Can Help You Take Back Control of Your Life

The best part of per diem nursing is not the financial rewards; it’s the freedom to choose your schedule. Finding balance in today’s hectic schedules between home, family, social activities, and work is increasingly difficult. That’s exactly why many nurses pick up per diem shifts. Can per diem help you take back control of your life? How can it help you and your loved ones in other ways? What are the benefits of an “as needed” per diem nursing career?

Per Diem = Schedule Flexibility

Per diem is Latin for “by the day,” which means that nurses who choose to work in this way can pick and choose their schedules. It’s a great way to earn extra income but it’s also a preferred lifestyle if you need some schedule flexibility.

Per diem nurses, like traveling nurses, fill in the gaps at medical facilities of all shapes and sizes. The American Colleges of Nursing (AACN) says that the U.S. will experience a serious shortage of RNs in the next decade as Baby Boomers retire but also need more medical care. This will give more control to practicing nurses to select when and where they want to work their per diem roles. That scheduling flexibility is increasingly a desired alternative to the staffing requirements that come with a full-time position.

Per diem typically earn higher pay than salaried positions. If you’re working per diem to earn extra money, a per diem role will help you achieve your goals more quickly. Per diem is also a good way for younger or less experienced nurses to learn quickly from a variety of job experiences.

You can use per diem nursing to benefit your family in a variety of ways. Whether you are supplementing your income with just a few shifts or going per diem full-time, there are a variety of positions available. Per diem is highly in demand as hospitals seek to cover vacations or sabbaticals, staff up during peak periods of demand, or just to get more nurses on the floor because they cannot find the talent they need in their area.

Per diem nurses work in more settings besides the hospital; you’ll find them in almost every healthcare sector. Another benefit besides controlling your schedule is that the per diem nurse can experience new specialty areas without committing to a specific shift in their career path. It’s an important way to get your feet wet in another field without making the full-time commitment to a specific venue or specialty area.

Per Diem is not PRN

Nurses who work PRN jobs are typically employed to a specific unit in a hospital setting. That means they’re often subject to the scheduling requirements of that unit. These nurses typically work a specific number of shifts in a pre-set timeframe, sometimes including holidays or weekends. Per diem nurses do not have a specific schedule requirement typically, instead, they work when and where they want.

If you’re seeking a side-hustle to earn extra cash or if you need schedule flexibility to attend to a busy schedule, per diem nursing keeps your skills sharp, pays you well, and gives you control of your life.  No matter your motivation, the rewards from per diem are high. Talk to the team at MAS Medical if you’re searching for Travel or PRN nursing jobs today!


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