Why Per Diem Allows You To Control Your Schedule

Per diem nursing is a gift for the professional that wants to control their own schedule. But what is a per diem job? Per diem assignments mean working by the day or by the job, and it’s a refreshing change from the traditional nine to five job. This article will help you understand how per diem nursing works and the benefits for employees.

Why is a Per Diem Job Worth It?

The number one benefit for a per diem nursing job is that the employee really gets to pick and choose their shifts. These shifts are available in all kinds of situations such as in hospitals when employees call off or go on vacation or in a clinic as a supplemental employee during a busy time.

Per diem nursing positions can offer benefits like dental and health insurance. Many of these roles may pay slightly more than the standard salary because you are offering the value of convenience to a health care employer. However, the medical staffing firm typically handles pay and benefits. So, why would a registered nurse choose per diem work over a traditional job?

Per diem helps nurses avoid burnout; you are never stuck in the same grind but can choose to shift your location or schedule to try something new. Per diem nursing can accommodate a schedule that includes going back to school or having a younger child or even helping you work while taking care of a sick or elderly parent. These roles are very good when a flexible, yet efficient schedule is needed, or when you’re seeking more free time beyond the standard 40-hour a week job.

Conversely, per diem roles also lend themselves to earning extra money by picking up additional shifts. There is a feeling of independence that is built into the framework of per diem nursing; nurses that try per diem love the excitement of new on-the-job challenges while having the freedom to move on to greener pastures.

Freedom in Per Diem

Nurses choose per diem roles for the freedom and flexibility. Per diem nursing is a big lifestyle choice; you get to pick when and where you work, unlike being a staff nurse. This allows you to level up your nursing career. You can pick from a range of per diem nursing opportunities, such as working in the operating room, being assigned to specific patients for long-term care, and so much more.

It’s also a great way to balance family and work or for a young diem registered nurse to gain experience in a variety of settings before settling down. Older, more experienced nurses that are semi-retired can earn extra income by periodically taking on per diem shifts.

While you will be working in a facility that is new to you, most per diem nurses (and other healthcare professionals) like the periodic change of pace to keep their skills sharp.

MAS Medical has per diem nursing jobs in a variety of settings and locations. Start the conversation and take back control of your schedule – and your life.

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