Why Candidates Work Through a Staffing Agency vs. Applying Directly to a Facility

Are you looking to hire more healthcare professionals for your facility? Then you might be wondering whether or not it’s a good idea to partner with a staffing agency to find the qualified talent you need. The answer is without a doubt, “Yes!”

The reason for this is that top candidates are far more likely to work through a staffing agency than to apply directly to a facility. Here’s why:

It’s faster to work with a staffing agency.

It’s not uncommon for a staffing agency to know about job openings before they’re published on a facility’s job site. That means that the staffing firm often hears about new opportunities that candidates otherwise wouldn’t find out about for days. At the same time, once a candidate has provided a staffing agency with his or her information, it’s fast and simple for a recruiter to send along his or her details to a facility for consideration.

Staffing agencies can match candidates to the right positions for their skills and preferences.

A staffing agency usually has a lot more information about an open position than is listed online, so it’s in a better position to match a candidate to the right job based on his or her skills and experience.

A staffing agency can help get a candidate’s résumé on the right desk.

When a candidate applies directly to a facility, his or her résumé has to go through the applicant tracking system — and that can be challenging. In contrast, an agency can bypass the ATS and make sure that a candidate’s details are sent directly to the hiring manager.

Candidates are listed in the database.

Even if a candidate isn’t selected for a specific position, his or her details remain in the staffing agency’s database. The agency can then choose to approach him or her if another opportunity opens up.

Candidates can get benefits by working through a staffing agency.

Travel nurses and per diem workers often move around a lot, so it’s challenging for them to qualify for benefits through facilities. However, when they work for a specific staffing agency, they qualify for benefits once they’ve met the requisite number of days.

Smart candidates know how to get the job they want — and that’s through a staffing agency. That’s why to find the top talent you need for your facility, you’re best advised to partner with a staffing firm that specializes in healthcare. MAS Medical Staffing is one of the top medical staffing firms in the U.S. and offers its candidates the best support and resources in career placement for per diem, travel and permanent assignments. For more information and to find out how we can help you, please contact us today.


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