What Does a Nursing Recruiter Look for in Candidates?

Recruiters are the staffing machines of the nursing world. Someone with a staffing recruiter job will source, make connections with, and find the right workers to fill a particular niche for their clients. They do this work day in and day out and are unencumbered by some of the other typical HR functions that can be a distraction when you have roles to fill. All this practice and their singular focus make nursing recruiters particularly skilled at filling positions in a hospital or other clinical facility. What do these professionals look for in a nursing candidate? This article will help you understand the top criterion to help land you your next nursing job.

What Are The Most In-Demand Skills in Nursing Today?

#1 Bilingual and communication skills
Having multiple language skills is important for any nurse. Communication ranks high on the list of skills for nurses in any facility. But it’s the thought behind the communication that is just as important, so expect to answer interview questions that exhibit your critical thinking skills.

#2 Hands-on technology experience
Most nursing roles require computer skills, including experience with electronic medical records (EMR) but they often prefer nurses that have hands-on experience in specialized equipment, such as dialysis machines. This makes internships a particularly important part of the new graduates resume and recruiters often flag these candidates and put them at the top of the pile. Before you go into the interview process make sure you review the types of technology you’ve handled in the past and be prepared to share what you know with the recruiter.

#3 Flexibility
While practical experience is important; flexibility is also a skill that recruiters look for in nurses, whether they have 10 months or 10 years experience in the field. If a candidate is willing to travel or can handle the flexibility of per diem, they will be starred as a top pick. This is a good tip if you’re a new nurse just starting in the field. Looking for experience to add to your resume? Then consider per diem or travel nursing as a way to make your mark.

#4 Level of professionalism
Recruiters also look at your professionalism during the interview process. When you go into the interview, ask yourself how you can stand out from all the other candidates? Make sure you handle professional recruiter inquiries politely; always respond to emails and voicemails whether you are currently looking or not. Don’t be afraid to reach out to recruiters. Use these relationships to expand your network no matter where you are in your career path. Keep this in mind the next time a recruiter reaches out to you on LinkedIn; their job is to find you a job. Even if you’re not actively on the hunt, these relationships are a potential goldmine.

#5 Additional education/credentialing
It’s also important to continue to learn and grow as your career progresses. Earning hours toward certification is a big plus on any resume, and the nursing field is no exception to this rule. Keeping your skills sharp on the job while also stretching to expand what you know will come across well with any nursing recruiter.

Talk to the team at MAS Medical. We are professional recruiters in the nursing field, with years of experience and the desire to provide clients and candidates with our best work. Call us today to find out more.


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