Travel Occupational Therapists: Check out These Top Apps!

There’s an app for everything these days, including digital tools that can help the traveling occupational therapist navigate new cities, create itineraries and find cool things to do. There are even apps that help with the job, allowing you to look up medications and drug interactions or the latest in clinical research.

If you can’t be separated from your favorite digital device when on the road and are looking for some cool new tools to help you in your travel occupational therapy career, we’ve got the low-down on top apps.

Top Apps to Help You in Your Travels

Waze is a free navigation app that loads real-time tips from real-live drivers. Avoid speed traps and accidents with one interactive tool. The benefit of Waze is the reduction of commuter time as you zip through a last-minute reroute courtesy of other Waze community members. Save gas, time and money with this smart and easy-to-use app.

Ulmon is an international travel app that helps people find neat things to do in new cities around the globe. Under Ulmon’s umbrella, you’ll find CityMaps2Go and TicketLens, two apps that help you find and book cool activities and then navigate there safely and efficiently.

Fandango is an app that’s been around a while; chances are you’ve used it to buy movie tickets in your local theatre. For the traveling occupational therapist, this app can help make a new city feel like home by helping you find the closest theatre and book tickets.

Meetup facilitates conversations all over the country by connecting people. This free app helps groups organize around events or interests. Every traveling healthcare worker should have this app downloaded. Meetup can mean the difference between being lonely and feeling right at home in a new city.   

Tripit is like having your own digital travel planner stuck inside your favorite digital app. This app can help you organize all your chaotic travel plans in one place. In the end, you’ll have a master itinerary with everything carefully mapped down to the last mile.

Top Apps to Help You on the Job

Medscape helps you stay on top of your clinical research with some of the latest published findings from your colleagues in every specialty area. The app offers a number of tools to help with tricky drug interactions, dosages and information on patient populations. You’ll find medicine calculators and a handy search bar for easy lookup on your favorite digital device.

Epocrates is Medscape’s competitor, offering hundreds of calculators by healthcare specialty, dose and unit converters, decision-trees and clinical criteria sets. There is an extensive medication look up and an interaction check station. All these tools are free and a must-have for the traveling (or stationary) healthcare professional.

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