Top 6 Podcasts to Motivate You in Your Nursing Career

An article in Nursing Education Perspectives shares that nurses often use podcasts to sharpen their cognitive and critical thinking skills. They define podcasting as, “the use of any digital media file or series of files distributed over the Internet to deliver course content or to supplement and enhance content delivery.” While the rest of the world has jumped on the podcasting bandwagon, the research paper suggested that nursing has fallen behind this curve and that these tools could enhance long-term learning in the profession. For nurses interested in podcasting, here are some of the best ones available to hone your skills:

Best Nursing Podcasts

Johns Hopkins Health Newsfeed

No nurse’s education is complete without the Johns Hopkins Health Newsfeed. These short and to the point recordings take about a minute, but they’re packed with some of the latest medical innovation, best practices, and clinical data. From Medicare spending for the elderly to the Zika virus, these podcasts keep nurses informed. Click here to listen.

The Nursing Show

The Nursing Show is a must-listen, tackling the most difficult topics, like end-of-life care to inspirational and motivational topics on how to improve your nursing practice. There are many how-to’s on topics like how to earn your specialty nursing certification to tips on how to improve nursing outcomes. Click here to listen.

Travel Nursing Insider Podcast

There are also specialty practice podcasts like the Travel Nursing Insider Podcast. If you’re a travel nurse, this one is a keeper – especially if you’re considering travel nursing for the very first time. These podcasts work to separate fact from fiction in the lucrative world of travel nursing while offering practical tips from how to select the right job to what to pack, tax tips, and a lot more. Click here to listen.

Health Focus

We like Health Focus because it features interviews with real nurses, doctors, mid-levels, ancillaries, researchers, and more. The topics vary widely; shoulder instability one week and telemedicine for mental health treatment the next. Click here to listen.

A Cup of Health with CDC

A Cup of Health with CDC is most appropriate for finding healthcare tidbits to share with your patients. The topics include the best immunizations for expecting moms, how to handle homecare for hypertensive children, and the risks associated with high school sports – to name just a few. Click here to listen.

Medical Spanish Podcast by Dr. Molly Martin

Finally, for nurses seeking a brush up on their conversational Spanish, we say “Si!” to the Medical Spanish Podcast by Dr. Molly Martin. What’s great about this show is that these short Spanish lessons are based on the clinical realities of the common kinds of dialogue that often happen between native Spanish speakers and English-speaking staff. Each entertaining podcast offers key vocabulary and grammar lessons helpful both for novice Spanish speakers and to just brush up on rusty skills. Click here to listen.

But these are only a few of the educational and entertaining podcasts available for nurses and other clinical teams to enjoy. We find podcasts helpful for an on-the-go doctor or nurse that has a short time to learn new skills or even just relax by changing their thought process with a bit of entertainment on the profession we love.

If you’re not in a job you love, perhaps it’s time to talk with the team at MAS Medical about some of the opportunities available in your target market. Start the conversation today.


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