This is my positive experience with MAS. I have been with MAS going into my 6th year in July as an LNA. And have been an NA/LNA for since 1988. With all my experience I have to say that MAS is a company I have found during a time I needed balance between working and having 3 children. I am very happy that I did because I joined a company that cares about the needs of their staff as well as their clients. I have enjoyed my first few years with MAS working in many facilities and always gave 100% to each facility to represent MAS in a positive manner. Recently I have moved on to home care and I could not have been matched with a better client. I would recommend MAS above and beyond any other medical staffing company in NH. The friendly office staff is always there for us to help in any situation. In the last few years I have seen a large growth in MAS.I look forward to more enjoyable years with them. Thank you MAS for being my #1 choice.

Laurie, RI LNA

I have enjoyed working with the MAS team. Their flexibility and always trying to accommodate the staff with work placement is foremost on their agenda. The kindness and willingness shown to answer questions or problems is refreshing. The team in North Providence makes all feel welcome!


Working for MAS has been a positive experience. I had a job I loved but I was getting mandated so much that it was hurting my health and I didn’t have time to take care of anything properly anymore. Laundry, bills, housework, repairs- kept piling up! I resigned and came to work for MAS when a nurse friend who retired told me he picks up nursing shifts to supplement his retirement income. MAS sounded like it would be right for me till I found another position somewhere. It has been a year and it’s worked out well! I get plenty of hours – flexibility to get caught up with the things that fell by the wayside before, and added experience. I have learned so much and made new friends, too. People I got to work with that I still talk to and the awesome staff at the MAS North Providence office. Working with this medical staffing company was definitely the right move for me.


Just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for all the candidates you have sent to our facility. They have all been amazing. You have really helped me reduce my open positions from 11 to 4!


Things are going really great! I like the facility very much and my co-workers are wonderful. My decision to become a traveler was really the best decision I’ve made in my career thus far, thank you again for making all this possible. I recently learned that this medical staffing company has a facility in Florida too and I am anxious to see if that would be an opportunity for me to do in the winter months. Thanks again!

Michele M.