MAS Medical Staffing Walks for MS in Manchester (April 2017)

MS Walk | MAS News

On April 9th, MAS participated in a walk for MS in Manchester, NH. The decision to walk, came, in part from one of our own recruiters, Stephanie Talty. She writes:

“My mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2002. After her attack, she was left with numbness and tingling throughout her whole body and her vision was not the same. When she came home 3 months after her attack, she could not do much for herself; she could not even walk.

My Dad, my sister, and I supported her and with our positivity and confidence while she pushed herself to learn how to walk again and to be able to return to day to day activities. She has since made a huge amount of progress over the years and she amazes us each and everyday.

My family and I have participated in the MS walk for the past 6 years, and usually, my mother would be in her wheelchair because she would be nervous about losing energy and giving up. Last year’s walk in Manchester was 5 miles, and she walked 4.5 miles of it! But this year, when MAS walked with us, she walked the WHOLE 5 miles! She has taught me so much about how a positive attitude will get you far and you can accomplish anything with the right mindset. “

It was an inspirational moment for Stephanie and the rest of the MAS team.


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