Looking for Less Stress as a Nurse? Try One of These 5 Jobs

Nursing burnout is a growing problem in the United States. Nursing.org defines nurse burnout as “A physical, mental, and emotional state caused by chronic overwork and a sustained lack of job fulfillment and support.” A growing shortage of nurses has stretched providers thin and is causing many of them to look for alternatives to the field they studied in. This article will help nurses struggling to manage their stress find new possibilities that will still use their skills but lessen their stress.

1. Stressed? Take on a Nurse Educator Role

Most nurses would agree that a job as a nurse educator could be preferable to the stress most feel in a hospital or other clinical setting. A nurse educator’s job still fulfills the mission of the role to serve patients, but it reduces the burnout many feel in more traditional nursing positions. Nurse educators train other nurses in the skills they need to care for patients. It’s a great way to give back to a future generation poised to provide care to patients.

2. Like to Write? Consider Nurse Blogging

For nurses that have a way with words on the page, nurse blogging is a low-stress way to educate and provide insight to other clinicians or patients. Nurse bloggers can author informative articles, share insight into patient care techniques, conduct and share research, and more. It’s a job that also allows nurses to work from anywhere—including from home.

3. How About Becoming a Clinic Nurse?

You can leave the stressful hospital setting behind entirely and become a clinic nurse. Healthcare clinics in a variety of settings can lessen the workload and pressure of a health system environment. Your job could include patient assessments, education, and treatment. You may provide care by phone, online, or on-site. These roles may provide benefits such as weekends, holidays, or nights off, but more importantly, will lessen the stress you feel in a large hospital.

4. Try Travel Nursing for a Geography Change

Travel nurses are highly in demand. They can step in to help hospitals staff up during busy times or to cover staff vacations. But travel nurses literally can travel the world on cruise ships or in resorts. Vacation companies have clinical teams to staff their facilities. For the stressed nurse in a traditional setting, these jobs, literally, are like being on vacation.

5. School Nurses Rule

School nurses have an easy life compared to their hospital counterparts. It may be a role that you haven’t thought of—but you should if your stress level is currently high. If you love children, teens, or college students, these roles will provide you with on the job satisfaction and an extremely positive work environment. School nurses can benefit from working in an educational facility by receiving additional vacation time over the summer or the ability to take classes for free at a college or university. These clinicians provide basic care, including medication dispensing and first aid for minor injuries.

Nurses today have choices outside the traditionally stressful environment of a hospital setting. Talk to MAS Medical about your options today. We can help.


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