Inspired Traveler: Wendy, RN

We believe that being a traveling health professional should be filled with inspiration, memories and unbelievable pictures! Meet Wendy. Wendy has been a Registered Nurse for almost 16 years and has been working with MAS for 6 years. She is here to share her experiences and advice with you.

How long have you been an RN?

16 years

What made you decide to travel?

My twins graduated and entered into college I was an empty nester and was bitten by the travel bug, but I really needed to work. How many professions allow you to travel and see this amazing country while working, so fortunate!

How long have you been working with MAS?

I have been with MAS for 6 years.

What do you like about working with your recruiter?

Bill has become not only my recruiter but my friend. Acknowledging and celebrating life’s events over the last 6 years with Bill has been a joy. He is approachable, works hard to get me where I want to be, and available when I need him. Bill provides a resolution for any curveballs sent our way while on assignment.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Hang out with my husband and our dogs, dividing our time between our 5 grown children, camping, canoeing, and boating. We love the water.

Where has been your favorite place to travel?


Where would you like to travel?


What is the best advice for new travelers?

You can do anything for 13 weeks! Be helpful, be kind and be yourself!.

Any funny stories so far to share?

I am from Canada, I was working in North Carolina, land of the southern drawl. The staff I worked with would ask me to say different words because they enjoyed my accent.

Anything else you would like to add?

Traveling was the best decision I made, I found my passion for nursing, some great friends and most importantly my husband ❤

Interested in traveling and have additional questions? Send us a message, we’re happy to help!


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