Inspired Traveler: Latisha, LPN

We believe that being a traveling health professional should be filled with inspiration, memories and unbelievable pictures! Meet Latisha. Latisha has been a Licensed Practical Nurse for almost 14 years and has been working with MAS since October, 2017. She is here to share her experiences and advice with you.

How long have you been an LPN?

I’ve been an LPN for almost 14 years!

What made you decide to travel?

I’ve always had wanderlust but honestly, I just wanted to see big mountains. Once I started traveling, the experiences and people that I met along the way really inspired me to keep going.

How long have you been working with MAS?

I’ve been with MAS since October 2017.

What do you like about working with your recruiter?

In my opinion, Sharee Patnaude is the best in the business. She’s honest and works hard to get her nurses everything they need. I couldn’t be happier with my recruiter

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like day hiking, going to farmer’s markets, and taking road trips.

Where has been your favorite place to travel?

Washington state has been my favorite place so far; specifically, the Seattle area. Huge glacier-covered volcanoes, waterfalls, rain forests, whales, and amazing people – what’s not to love?!

Where would you like to travel?

I still have Hawaii, Alaska, and Michigan to go before I’ve been to all 50 states!

What is the best advice for new travelers?

If you’re driving to your assignment, give yourself plenty of time to get there. I like to arrive at least 3 days before my new assignment begins. This gives me time to settle in and get to know the area. Also, it allows time to take care of any last-minute compliance issues.

Any funny stories so far to share?

Maybe not funny stories but there have been some interesting ones. Watching a bison and coyote fight over a calf in Yellowstone, having a grizzly walk right up to our truck window in the Tetons, my daughter street performing in Boston, getting stranded in a blizzard Wyoming, hiking through lava tubes at Mt. St. Helens, living in an RV all over the country, whale watching in New Hampshire, desert hiking in Tucson, my son zip-lining, exploring tide pools on the Washington coast, seeing a mama bear and her cub on a hike at Mt Rainier- to name a few.

Anything else you would like to add?

Travel nursing has been a life-changer for my family. We’ve been able to share in experiences that probably wouldn’t have happened otherwise. I would encourage everyone to try it out at least once.

Interested in traveling and have additional questions? Send us a message, we’re happy to help!


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