Inspired Traveler Series: Meet David Ramocki (Travel PT)

Inspired Traveler David Ramocki (Travel PT)

This article was contributed by David Ramocki, MAS Medical Staffing Travel Physical Therapist

Inspired Traveler David Ramocki (Travel PT)I became a physical therapist because I wanted to understand the musculoskeletal system.

Even more than that, I wanted to understand the origin of dysfunction and learn how to make people whole again.

It’s a rewarding career.

But I found that I still wanted more.

I grew up as one of four kids in a family that didn’t have a lot of money.

My siblings and I were very spread out in age, making travel opportunities difficult and practically non-existent.

Once I became a physical therapist, I realized that it wasn’t a job or career I was craving…but those same opportunities for travel that I had missed out on as a child.

Becoming a Travel PT

Thanks to MAS Medical Staffing, I realized I could actually combine “real life” and travel in a way that was both meaningful and practical.

I paid off all of my loans and saved up a lot of money to make these trips feasible.

However, what really made it all work was the ability to work on contract—because let’s face it, there’s no way a regular employer would ever give me 6 weeks off to travel!

Inspired Traveler David Ramocki (Travel PT)So far, the best part about traveling for work as a travel PT is being able to see most of the country’s major cities, and even witness the incredible Grand Canyon first hand.

While some days I spend 10 hours driving from place to place, other days are filled with spontaneity (like being invited to jump in on a random volleyball game in Miami).

On one trip, both the GPS systems in my car and in my phone sent me to San Antonio instead of my intended destination of Austin…proving once again that sometimes the old fashioned way is the best way.

It was nevertheless a pretty memorable detour.

Each new assignment, pit stop, and breathtaking discovery is a reminder that there is more to life than work.

If I could tell people one thing, it would be this: work hard and save your money.

Because you never know when it’ll be too late to see the world, and you really don’t want to miss it.

Oh, and always pack a map…!

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