How to Make the Most out of a Travel Assignment

At one point, the U.S. Army ran cool commercials that said, “It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure.”

Actually, that reminds us a little of the life of a travel assignment nurse. That is — if you have the right approach.

We don’t mean you should expect to gear up in battle attire and jump out of airplanes. But there is a little adventure in every travel assignment if you treat it right.

Getting the most out of your travel assignments means approaching it like a working vacation by allowing yourself time to explore the area and make new friendships. Here’s how to make the most out of your next travel assignment.

Have Clinical Skills, Will Travel

Making money is one reason to take up travel nursing. Another benefit is the travel itself. If you’d like to travel to a specific area of the country, let your recruiter know your preferences. That way they can scout out the local market, talk with hiring managers, and get you ready to head to your dream location. When you get there, here are a few fun things to do immediately to get to know the area:

  • Explore the local parks system by taking a hike or bike ride.
  • Go to some of the historical sites in the area and explore.
  • Make sure you take the time to get to know your co-workers. Who knows? You could find your next life-long friendship in your next travel nurse assignment.
  • If you are creative, why not start a blog about your adventures to share with other travel nurses or people considering the profession?
  • Explore the urban areas by checking out shopping, restaurants, bars and local fun events.
  • If you’re into food, why not sample local cuisine?
  • If you’re close to the beach and don’t go regularly, you are missing out.
  • Get involved with a local nonprofit organization and volunteer some time for your favorite cause.
  • Try creating a video of the entire trip.
  • Attend a MeetUp on a topic of interest or join a group in the area to get to know people.
  • Try documenting the experience by creating a scrapbook or a shadowbox. Try writing yourself a letter and mailing it back to your home address.
  • Invite new job friends out to dinner. With IM and email, if you leave town it won’t matter, you’ll still be able to keep in touch.

When you’re working a late or split shift, it can be hard to find the time to just have fun. But taking the time to enjoy the region while you’re there will make the assignment more enjoyable.

Documenting your travel experience will take some effort, but in the long run you’ll be glad you made the effort. More than anything else, take the time to relax and enjoy the experience.

MAS Medical Staffing and Travel Nursing

Some travel nurses’ work and play hard in their assignments. Other travel nurses are working away from home specifically to increase the revenue they’re sending home. In either case, the MAS Medical Staffing team works closely with our teams to ensure the right placement for their life goals. We support our clinical teams throughout their assignment and work closely with through to the end to ensure a seamless and positive experience.

If you’re a nurse looking for the next assignment, we’d like to speak with you about your next adventure. Contact us to get started.


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