How to Make a Great First Impression With Your New Job

Everyone wants to make a good first impression on the first day of the job. You’ll probably be excited to get started! Creating a good first impression will help you make new friends on the job, which will make it enjoyable in the long-term.

On your first day, you’ll especially want to make a good first impression on patients if you’re working directly with them. Of course, first impressions can change and evolve, but getting off on the right foot can help ease the way for a solid workplace environment.

Here are some tips that may help set the stage for a solid career move.

First Day of “School”

Some of our tips to managing impressions on the first day might make you laugh because they seem so basic. For example, arriving on time so that no one has to cover for you is a basic courtesy that can’t be discounted. Dressing professionally in crisp scrubs or other attire will help avoid judgment.

Generally, we believe first impressions are based on your:

  • Appearance and attire
  • Attitude
  • Body language
  • Behavior

We also believe that first impressions linger and are hard to overcome. Good first impressions can pave the way for productive work relationships and even long-lasting friendships that extend beyond your tenure in the role. Yes, first impressions are just that important!

Introducing yourself and being friendly to everyone you meet is a great way to start off well. Share that it’s your first day and you’re sure to get a smile or two. At lunch, if the team doesn’t invite you out, why not ask coworkers if they’d like to go?

Handle yourself with professionalism, alertness, and a willingness to help others. Stay calm and smile when talking with people. Be willing to engage in small talk and be prepared to ask lots of questions of your co-workers to show a genuine interest in getting to know them.

It takes just a few minutes to make a first impression. Interestingly, most studies say that first impressions linger. So, taking extra time to come across as professional, approachable, and friendly can pay you back in all kinds of ways, from making new friends to receiving professional accolades.

One more tip; do not run home and post on social media about your experiences. Employers potentially look at social media before and after hiring new employees, so be careful what you post, especially after a long, hard day. Also, come to think of it, put your personal digital device away during your shift. It may be tempting to send out a quick text to tell your spouse about your day, but it’s really very disruptive.

As the basis for a positive professional career, first impressions are everything! MAS Medical Staffing can help you make a good first impression with a new employer. Contact us to get started on a new career path today.


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