Fitting in Workouts While Traveling

Working out is easier when it’s just a part of your lifestyle. If you don’t have a routine that includes working out regularly, chances are it will be tempting to skip the exercise in favor of something easier. But imagine how much harder it is when you’re on the road traveling. Now tack on the challenges of the nursing profession, and the stresses that often come with these professional roles.

If you’re a traveling nurse, fitting in a workout routine can feel like the toughest part of being on the road. Here are some tips to improve your chances that you’ll stay fit and healthy as a traveling nurse.

Traveling is About Exploring – So Use It

Part of what attracts nurses to traveling roles is that they have a bit of the adventurer inside them. It’s fun to explore a new place, so traveling nurses should take advantage of their spirit of adventure and explore their new neighborhood on foot. Light grocery shopping or exploring an outdoor mall is a great way to check out the new environment while staying active. Many cities now have lovely metro parks; so certainly make those a part of your adventure.

You may enjoy biking, but unless you brought one along, you may need to look for wheels. Have you heard about bike-sharing programs? Many cities now have these programs that let you rent a bike for a small fee. There’s no better way to explore the scenery than when you’re putting the pedal to the metal.

What are the Locals Doing?

Is the traveling role by a lake or ocean? What about trail hikes? Look around you at what the locals are doing to stay active and see if it’s something you could enjoy.

Take Advantage of Your New Job

Many hospitals offer fitness centers and gyms for the staff to use as a perk. Certainly, use these facilities whenever possible. You could also join a local gym or hire a personal trainer to stay motivated.

Find a Workout Buddy

One great way to break the ice and make new friends is to ask around to find people to work out with. If fitness is important to you, it’s probably important to other people on your team. Ask how people exercise and what activities they recommend in the area. If you find friends to workout with you’ll feel more comfortable in your new job.

But What’s Most Important?

Making your workout part of your new life in a new place will provide you with a ready-made routine that will make you feel more at home. Make sure you pack with exercise in mind. If you’ve done your research, likely, you’ll already know what kinds of area activities are available. The point is that exercise is never the afterthought, but a regular part of a routine to take care of yourself just like brushing your hair and teeth, eating healthier, or taking vitamins.

For more tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling, or to find your next per diem role, contact the MAS Medical team.


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