Featured Traveler: Matthew Kowantz

Meet one of MAS Medical Staffing’s veteran travel Physical Therapists, Matthew Kowantz. Matthew has been a Physical Therapist for 8 years and has been with MAS since 2016 working a total of 8 assignments in that time. Matthew became a Physical Therapist after graduating from the University of Miami in 2010. Though Miami is one of his favorite places to travel, Matthew is working his current assignment in New Jersey. When asked what his driving factor was for traveling Matt says, “I decided this was the right time to travel because I love the idea of being able to travel anywhere at any time. I am not tied down right now to any particular area so this works perfectly for me.”

Being a Physical Therapist with MAS, Matt is able to take advantage of is the ability to combine his professional and personal passions together. Apart from his passion for trying new food and cooking, the majority of Matt’s free time is dedicated to bodybuilding, fitness, and nutrition. Matt’s passion for bodybuilding has helped him connect with his patients in different ways. “Being a bodybuilder has helped me at work because patients respect the hard work and dedication it takes, and in return, they trust my skills as a therapist.” Being an experienced bodybuilder also helps, as Matt is able to relate to some patients that come see him, “I definitely get patients from gym injuries, but I’ve had my fair share of gym injuries too so I can relate because I may have had the same injury at some point.”

Working with MAS since 2016, Matt’s recruiter, Bob Murray, has become much more than a recruiter. “I love working with Bob, he has become more than just my recruiter, I would consider him a good friend because we’ve connected on topics outside of work.” Currently, Matt is in New Jersey, but what would be his next place to discover? “I would love to travel all over California, I love warm weather and California has a wide array of different areas that each have something different to offer.”

Matt is now a seasoned traveler and has a bit of advice for those on-the-verge travelers, “My best advice to new travelers is just do it. Things have a way of working out and you’ll be so happy you took that leap of faith.”


Matt is also a sponsored bodybuilder and nutrition enthusiast. If you want to change your diet, visit these sites to help get you started:

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If you want to take that leap of faith and be a Traveling Allied Health Professional just like Matt, contact Bob Murray at bob@masmedicalstaffing.com or (800) 657-6517. Your next adventure awaits at MAS Medical Staffing!


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