9 Ways to Get Nursing Experience as a Travel Nurse

As a nurse, gaining experience that sets you apart from the pack is how you can position yourself as a top candidate that every employer would be lucky to have.

So how does becoming a traveling nurse fit in with all of this?

Well, it gives you the opportunity to gain experience by enhancing both your soft and hard skills through the 9 ways we’ve outlined below.

1. Increase flexibility in different settings

Flexibility is key to doing your job effectively. In any nursing job, you’ll work with different doctors, nurse practitioners, other specialists, and an ever-changing group of patients.

As a traveling nurse working in different settings every 13 weeks, you learn to become extremely flexible, which will allow you to adapt to new settings quickly and work efficiently with new teams.

2. Enhance your cultural competency

Every organization has its own culture—a set of attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors all employees share. Cultural fit is key to being successful in your job and feeling engaged with your employer.

But remember, cultural competency in nursing is bigger than simply fitting in with the company for which you work.

Because nurses see patients from many cultures, having a deep understanding of cultural practices ensures you provide the best care.

3. Earn more independence

Moving from place to place will teach you independence. Being independent can be scary, but it’s also liberating and can provide you with an opportunity to truly evaluate what you want out of your career and your life.

A travel assignment allows you to innovate in various situations, think creatively, and make decisions without the approval of others.

4. Improve your people skills

One of the most valuable aspects of gaining additional nursing experience is enhancing your people skills. Learning how to establish trust and be supportive is hugely important for your nursing career – and empathy is really all that it takes.

5. Acquire new skills and specializations

Working in different types of settings will allow you to learn new techniques and procedures. As a travel nurse, you’ll get more access to the latest methods in some of the most progressive healthcare facilities.

The potential for additional certifications and hands-on experience are sure to keep you at the forefront of nursing.

6. Explore different specialties

If you haven’t yet decided on a career focus, being a traveling nurse gives you the chance to spend time with a range of specialties. This is also a bonus when you’re considering how to get nursing experience after graduation.

While you may have a career focus in mind, traveling and gaining experience in a variety of specialties will help solidify your path.

7. Work in a broad range of professional settings

From private clinics to general hospitals, healthcare facilities vary, which will help you adapt to constantly changing conditions with different management styles.

8. Gain nursing experience at top healthcare facilities

If you want to spend time at some of the nation’s top healthcare facilities, travel nursing is the way to do so.

Not only do these facilities provide you with ongoing learning opportunities, but having them on your resume is a huge bonus.

9. Build your network further

The more you travel, the more people you’ll meet.

And a contact you meet today might alert you to your dream job three years from now! Each person that you engage with has the potential to help you advance your career in some form – so build meaningful relationships and stay in contact with those in your network.

Travel Nursing Gives You Experience That a Permanent Position Won’t

Traveling gives you a wide range of opportunities for how to get experience for nursing—opportunities you won’t get in a permanent position. If you want to take your career to the next level, working with a travel nursing agency is the way to go.

To discover your next travel placement, contact us today.


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