7 Keys to Integrating a Staffing Agency With Your Facility’s Hiring Process

According to Staffing Industry Analysts, hospital employment is expected to increase by 7%  between 2016 and 2026.

Over the same time period, employment in healthcare support occupations is projected to outpace that growth by 15%.

So if you’re considering working with a staffing agency to streamline your healthcare facility’s talent acquisition process, it’s helpful to know how best to work with a staffing firm.

1. Select the right staffing company.

  • Choose a staffing firm that’s specialized in healthcare — often with recruiters who possess a background in nursing or healthcare administration.
  • They should also have a proven track record of working with nursing facilities, hospitals, home healthcare organizations or clinics.

2. Ensure the staffing company understands your organizational culture.

  • Making sure all new hires are a good match for your organizational culture is key to retention.
  • Provide the staffing company with sufficient information for its recruiters to select candidates who’ll be a good fit.
  • One idea is to invite the recruiters into the facility so they can experience the culture first hand.

3. Assign a point person.

  • It’s advisable to have a point person within your HR department who communicates with the staffing agency. This helps streamline communication and makes for a more efficient hiring process.

4. Be clear about each position’s requirements.

  • Provide the staffing agency with a clear outline of what will be expected of candidates, including education, experience and skills.
  • Also provide information about job duties, remuneration and time to fill the position.
  • The more information the staffing firm has, the better they’ll be able to meet your needs.

5. Highlight any special details about the position.

  • It’s important for the staffing agency to know if there are any specific details about the position.
  • For example, is it a temporary position to cover for an employee’s maternity leave, or is it a role that needs to be filled quickly due to unexpected sick leave?

6. Agree how much of the talent acquisition process will be performed by the staffing company.

  • It’s not unusual for the staffing company to perform most of the sourcing and selection process and leave the final steps to the hiring manager.
  • For example, the staffing firm can perform sourcing, screening and background checks, as well as the initial interviews. Then your hiring managers can conduct the final interviews and salary negotiations.

7. Share any talent databases you may have.

  • Does your facility maintain a talent community or a database of former employees?
  • If so, it can be helpful to share those details with the staffing agency. Its recruiters will be able to reach out to the talent to see if they’re interested in specific positions. That way, you stand a greater chance of acquiring employees who are already familiar with your facility and therefore require less onboarding and training.

A staffing agency can add significant value to your hiring process and help ensure you get the right talent at the right time and for the right price. For more information, please contact us today.


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