6 Ways Per Diem Benefits Your Family

Per diem nursing has some clear-cut benefits for nurses and their families. These roles allow nurses tremendous flexibility, although the roles can be challenging. For nurses who have commitments that keep them from working full-time, or for nurses that get bored easily and want to stay sharp by changing roles, per diem nursing is a good role to try.

Whether it’s taking on an extra shift to earn more money for your goals, or part-time nursing shifts that fit within your lifestyle, per diem nursing has real benefits for both you and your family.

Here’s How Per Diem Helps Your Family

Flexible scheduling

One of the biggest advantages of per diem nursing is that it’s flexible. Per diem allows you to work when and where you want. It gives you the freedom to take the time to care for your family or to work extra shifts to put a child through college. If you’re working a full-time job, a per diem shift is an efficient way to earn extra money for a vacation with your loved ones. Your recruiter can help you find the shifts that suit your goals and dreams.

Choices of jobs

You also will have more job choices. A variety of assignments are available in different geographies and in different facilities. The benefits to your family are this variety allows both consistent employment because there are always jobs available, and the ability to work closer to a family member when needed.

Better pay

Per diem nurses typically draw a higher rate of pay, so the financial benefit to your family is clear.

More time at home if you need it

If you need to spend more time at home during the day, there are often night shifts available. Or work a few days a week or per month. The whole point of per diem is to make your own schedule, which has obvious benefits for family commitments.

A chance to explore a new community

These roles can also allow you to try out a facility before relocating your family. It takes the risk out of making a career shift, and it’s a creative way to check out new cities before relocation.

Helps with burnout

For some nurses, the evolving roles keep them fresher and more energized. Taking a break from traditional nursing could help alleviate feelings of burnout and depression that may be plaguing you. Per diem nursing keeps you from falling into the same old routine. Could a per diem role invigorate you and make you fall in love with nursing again? Could that attitude translate into more energy when you come home from work? Maybe.

Try Per Diem and Watch Opportunities Arise

Per diem nursing is a lifestyle that’s not for everyone. But for the nurses who choose it, there are some clear-cut per diem employee benefits for nurses and their family members.

If you’re considering to get a PRN nursing job, talk to MAS Medical Staffing about some of the options available.


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