6 Tips For Finding the Right Healthcare Recruiter

No matter what stage of your career you’re in, a recruiter can help you land your dream job.

Recruiters work on behalf of a company to find them a qualified candidate for an open job position and on behalf of potential candidates to find amazing positions.

According to Forbes, there are a variety of recruiters you can choose from. This article outlines four main types:

  • Agency/Contract House Recruiters
  • Contingency Recruiters
  • Retained Search Firms
  • Internal Recruiters

An agency/contract recruiter can be compared to a temp agency. They focus on a high volume of candidates and have a wide variety of job openings.

Contingency recruiters are more selective and only get paid when they find you a job. Most recruiters fall into the contingency recruiter category, and they work for staffing agencies.

Retained search firms are companies hired by a business to learn their company model and find the best candidates for C-Level positions.

And of course, internal recruiters are actually employed by the company for which they recruit.

A contingency recruiter/staffing agency is the perfect option for elevating your healthcare career. Let’s break down the steps you can take to find one that is right for you.

How to Find the Right Recruiter

1. Locate Recruiters That Might Work For You

The easiest way to find a recruiter is by searching online, using the name of your location and specific keywords.

Another great way to find quality recruiters is to ask for recommendations within your network.

Ultimately, you will want to find at least two or three recruiters that seem like a good fit.

2. Interview Each Recruiter

Once you have found recruiters you feel might be a good fit, plan to interview with each one.

Consider how they will assess your abilities, professionalism, experience and more. You want to go into things with the same mindset. You can ask them questions such as:

  • “How frequently do your candidates get placed in jobs?”
  • “What is your long-term job retention success rate?”

Questions like these will help you feel confident in a recruiter’s abilities and ultimately help you narrow down your search.

3. Be Professional

Making a great impression with recruiters on things such as punctuality, dress code, and manners will help them to feel confident when considering you for a job opening that comes across their desk.

4. Ensure your online presence is professional.

You may be surprised to learn that a recruiter will definitely search for you online before taking you on as a client. Because of this, you want to make sure your professional profiles are current and your social profiles are devoid of anything that could deem you unworthy for hire.

Once you connect with a recruiter and pass their interview and online review stages, you will be ready to get started as a client of their staffing agency. From there, we recommend these additional steps to make the most of that relationship:

5. Update Your Resume

Keep an up-to-date resume and let your recruiter know if something changes, like if you recently completed a continuing education course, gotten licensed in a new state or formalized your specialty.

Not only is it important to include them on your resume as you acquire such skills, but making your recruiter aware helps them best “sell” you to hiring managers.

6. Refer Colleagues

Refer your job-seeking friends and colleagues to your recruiter as a way to thank them for their support.

Now that you know how to find a recruiter, let’s go over why you would want to do this. After all, there are tons of job boards out there…why go through the process of working with a recruiter? Read on to find out.

How a Healthcare Recruiter Helps You

A supportive staffing agency does much more than placing you in your dream job.

They simplify the job-hunt process and save you a lot of time by ensuring you get the most competitive pay and benefits through their great connections, which is especially important if you are looking for travel nursing jobs or considering a move to another state. A healthcare recruiter’s specialty is to help you find your ideal position anywhere in the country.

Find Your Next Recruiter

Because this is an important business relationship, finding the right recruiter will take time and patience.

But once you do find that person, they will be in your corner supporting your professional growth every step of the way!

If you are interested in speaking to a recruiter, click the button below.


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