6 Insights About the Future of Physical Therapists

It’s true: the future of the physical therapy profession is as bright as ever. With ever-increasing growth, physical therapy is now a prime field for those who love to travel and gain experience around the country.

Future of Physical Therapy Profession: A High Demand

In 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that 54,200 new Physical Therapist (PT) jobs would be created by 2028 due to people who are not only staying active later in life, but are more susceptible to health conditions, such as strokes, that may require physical therapy.

54,200 new Physical Therapist (PT) jobs will be created by 2028.

Traveling Physical Therapists Are Reaping The Benefits

When many hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities were forced to lay off a lot of personnel during the recession, they found themselves needing to hire medical staff on a temporary basis.

And that’s where a traveling physical therapy professional comes in! Healthcare organizations hire traveling PTs to ramp up their workforces when necessary.

Be Part of the Future of Physical Therapy Profession

There are a number of aspects to the travel physical therapy profession that make it very attractive to certain professionals.

We’ve listed six insights as to how this profession can enrich your career and your life.

1. Explore new places.

As a traveling Physical Therapist, you get to go on vacation AND make money.

Or if you’re looking to move permanently, you can gain a good impression of what it’s like to live in a specific place before committing to it.

In addition to that perk, you receive a few weeks of time off between assignments, allowing you to be a full-time tourist in the city or cities of your choice.

2. Find direction in your career.

During your studies, it’s impossible to try out a wide variety of specializations and healthcare settings.

As a traveling PT, you have the opportunity to explore different areas that will not only help you narrow down your professional specialty but also open doors in your career for years to come.

3. Stay up-to-date on the latest developments in your field.

Another benefit of such a varied professional path is the ability to work with a plethora of experienced individuals throughout the country who may also be introducing new technologies and methods in your field.

This means the likelihood of you being exposed to new developments and technologies is much higher, which will set you apart from other candidates if you decide to move onto a new position.

4. Receive higher pay that reflects actual hours worked.

Our typical work week in healthcare is usually longer than it’s supposed to be, and we don’t always get compensated for additional time we put in.

As a traveling PT, you earn an hourly wage that’s higher than you would in most full time positions. Plus, you get paid for the actual number of hours you work, which helps you to pay off your student loans, get a mortgage, or increase your savings!

As a traveling PT, you earn an hourly wage that’s higher than you would in most full time positions.

5. Reap the rewards of non-taxable perks.

As a traveling employee, there are a few different tax breaks you can take advantage of, such as travel, accommodation, and more.

While on assignment, you can deduct things like airline tickets and rental cars, all costs associated with accommodation and meals (plus tips), the costs of your uniforms, including dry cleaning and laundry costs, any phone, Internet, and computer related expenses and so much more.

6. Enjoy the support of your agency 24/7.

When you’re a traveling PT, your agency is always available to help you resolve any issues, from paperwork glitches to housing problems.

They’ll also help you with acquiring a new state license, continuing your education, and earning additional certifications to ensure you have a truly successful career.


A travel Physical Therapist enjoys opportunities and benefits that full time employees just don’t get. Traveling for your profession with the help of an agency offers both comforting stability and exciting adventure!

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