6 Benefits of Per Diem Nursing

Making per diem nursing your career ensures a wide variety of perks, new experiences, professional growth and income opportunities.

By choosing the per diem route, nurses opt into a series of lifestyle and professional perks, which we share below.

1. Taking control of your schedule.

Flexibility of schedule is a huge factor when it comes to becoming a per diem nurse because it allows significant control.

This comes in the form of:

  • Evolving opportunities
  • Higher pay
  • More time off

2. Enjoying highly competitive compensation.

Did you know per diem nurses are compensated at a much higher rate than a regular, full-time nurse?

With competitive compensation options, going the per diem route can allow you to make more money.

3. Obtaining health care benefits without being “full-time.”

Working with a staffing agency provides you with both medical and dental insurance, even though you aren’t working full-time. This means that you don’t have to worry about finding a great insurance plan or making sure that everything is covered!

4. Honing multiple specialties.

Working in multiple facilities per year allows per diem nurses the opportunity to work alongside experts in a wide variety of specialties, which will help you to gain even more experience.

Making strategic assignment choices ensures you can hone your skills in one or more specialties, making you highly valuable to employers.

5. Benefitting from reimbursement opportunities.

Per diem employee benefits are great, and the tax breaks are one of the best perks on the list! Per diem nurses benefit from a series of tax breaks, including:

  • Professional Expenses Are Deductible
    These expenses include:
  • Malpractice insurance
  • The costs of your uniforms, including dry cleaning and laundry costs
  • Any phone, Internet, and computer-related expenses—including warranties, as well as apps and other software related to your job
  • Costs of professional licensing
  • Continued education costs, including books
  • Trade literature costs
  • Any costs related to your job search

It’s easy to envision just how much these tax breaks add up. Pair this with the fact that per diem nurse salaries are much higher than full-time nurses and you have a generous flow of income!

6. Balancing work and play seamlessly.

With the high level of pressure and stress that the industry brings, per diem nursing truly makes work-life balance possible.

The ability to work at your own pace, whenever you want, equates to a totally balanced lifestyle, allowing you to make time for relaxation and rejuvenation between working hours.

Bonus Benefit of Per Diem Nursing

An added bonus of per diem nursing is cultural competency. Having the cultural awareness to fully understand your patient’s needs is so important.

The more experience you gain within new cultures, the better nurse you will be. This goes hand in hand with earning the best per diem nursing assignments. The more you per diem, the more cultural competency you have. The more you have, the more valuable you are to future employers.

Thinking about embarking on a per diem career? Contact us to learn how you can make that happen.


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