5 Ways Per Diem Nurses Earn More Money for Vacations

Here’s the secret you may not know about per diem nursing: it’s a way for you to use your skills to help you earn some of life’s greatest rewards. Saving for your children’s college? Trying to plan a vacation? How about a new car? The truth about per diem is it gives nurses a way to make cash more quickly to use on some of life’s finer things.

Here are some tips for earning more – faster – by switching over to the per diem nursing lifestyle.

Show Me the Money

Nurses love the work they do because of the incredible satisfaction that comes from helping people. The other benefit of working as a nurse is the role typically pays very well. When you add per diem nursing into the mix, the money skyrockets. This allows nurses to pursue and achieve financial goals more quickly, whether it’s a vacation or home renovation.

Per diem nurses have the same sense of giving back and satisfaction in caring for patients, but they are simply rewarded at a higher rate because they’re willing to flex their schedule and travel to a new role. But per diem nurses can save faster for vacation by following a few simple tips:

Don’t follow the snowbirds.

Try traveling north into the cold to take on per diem roles when everyone else is heading south to warm up. You can earn higher pay and potential bonuses in states like New Hampshire, North Dakota or Wisconsin.

Consider small town nursing.

While New York City or LA is alluring, it’s more difficult to find nurses willing to staff in smaller facilities in rural areas. The cities with the least amount of flash can yield the highest pile of green, so consider asking about higher-paying packages found in small towns.

Work holidays to maximize your returns.

If you’re willing, the money is always better on the holidays. A short-term sacrifice on your part could help you reach your vacation or other financial goals very quickly. Your services will be invaluable to teams that typically seek vacation between November and the end of the year. You could even pick up a short-term four- or six-week contract to make even more cash.

Work overtime.

Let’s face it; your nursing skills are in demand, and if you’re willing to put in the extra time, it will pay off quickly. These shifts earn up to two times the rate of pay for overtime past 40 hours. There are also bonuses that will quickly add up.

Flexibility = Higher pay.

If you can take last-minute positions, you’ll likely earn more. Hospitals seeking to staff up during some sort of emergency or crisis are willing to pay higher rates – but you have to be able to move quickly. Many times these roles offer housing and travel expenses as well.

Per diem nursing was designed to allow schedule flexibility and the opportunity to pick up extra hours when needed. It’s the perfect way to increase your revenue no matter what your financial goals are. Isn’t it time to start the conversation with MAS Medical? Call now.


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