10 Pieces of Advice From Quality Assurance

When you sign on for a travel assignment with a Staffing Agency as a Healthcare Professional, there is a group of dedicated specialists that are prepared to get you compliant for every assignment you take. If you are a first-time traveler you may have a few questions about how the compliance process works, and that’s ok. We’ve got you covered. Our Quality Assurance (QA) team answered some of the more common questions that our travelers have had so you know what to expect during this process.

Do I just have one QA Rep that I work with?

For each assignment, yes. You will have one person working with you from start to finish to help you meet all of your requirements. They will submit these items to the facility, get you cleared, and send you your first-day instructions. In the event that your rep is out of the office, a new rep will be assigned to help you through the process until they return.

When do I start working on compliance?

As soon as your contract is finalized, your placement details will be passed along to the credentialing team accordingly. Your QA representative will call you as soon as they receive that information to begin the process. The first type of contact will be a phone call to you.

How will I know what items I have left to complete during the process?

Your QA representative will constantly update you on the items still needed in the process. You will be receiving daily communication, to keep you in the loop on what is left.

Do I need to do any testing?

Yes, we require the three basic core exams (containing general OSHA/HIPAA topics) to be completed yearly. In addition, each individual facility that you are assigned to may have additional exam requirements for you to complete before your start.

Do I need to run my own background check?

No. We run all background checks for you on our end. We just need to confirm your information with you ahead of time, so everything comes out accurate. Please note that some states require notarized authorization forms to be submitted in order for your background check to be run. We will send these to you with instructions and a FedEx label for you to ship these back to us.

Can I send in documents I already have to be counted for compliance items?

Yes! We accept documentation you may already have, as long as it is within the correct timeframe and facility needs. There are however some items we cannot accept, as we need to run them in-house ourselves. These would be background checks, drug screens, and core (OSHA/HIPAA) exams. Your QA rep will also help you navigate which documents can be accepted and which will not be. We always advise that you send in all the documents you have, that way we can review them, to see if they meet the laid out requirements.

How soon can I get my first-day information?

You will have to complete all of the compliance before first-day information can be sent. Your QA rep will need to receive official clearance from the facility, based off of the documentation sent/reviewed, and then obtain the instructions to pass along to you. This can take anywhere from 24hrs after compliance is completed, to days after. You will have first-day information before beginning your assignment. Please know, QA reps are working around the clock to get that information to you as soon as possible.

How much time do I have to put into the process?

This varies depending on a number of requirements. However, we find that the process goes smoother/quicker when it is started right away. This way, all the items are completed quickly, and there is ample time to relax and prepare for your assignment.

Do I need a computer to complete all of these items?

We recommend that you do use a computer, as the process will go a lot quicker. Otherwise, some tablets can support the programs used. Using a phone is limited to some of the applications.

Is my information secure?

Yes, your information is not shared with anyone! We have a secure cell phone number you can send private information to. We also have a secure fax number that is Joint Commission compliant.

At MAS, our Quality Assurance Team is here to guide you every step of the way so you are comfortable in starting your new travel assignment. Have more questions? Our team is ready to answer them! Feel free to contact our QA Team with your questions or leave them in the comments below.


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