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How We Provide Medical Staffing Options

We speak with hundreds of candidates weekly! To give you the best medical staffing options for your organization, we use the following approach:

Candidate Sourcing
To generate the best pool of candidates, our recruiters use:

  • Print and online advertising
  • Online networking tools
  • Cold calling
  • College recruitment strategies
  • State licensure lists
  • Direct mail
  • Complex Internet sourcing

Candidate Screening
Once a viable candidate is identified, our staffing team conducts phone and/or onsite interviews. We determine:

  • Candidate strengths
  • Areas of expertise
  • Salary requirements
  • Career goals
  • Suitability for your team

Reference Checking
MAS requires all candidates to provide a minimum of two references from previous supervisors in their profession. In addition, we ask all references a series of in-depth job performance questions, so that we gain additional perspective on the candidate’s employment history.

Licensure Verification
State licensure is verified through state licensing authorities. Licensure is confirmed to be active, up to date, and without any restrictions.

Criminal Background Check
MAS conducts state and nationwide criminal background checks on all Per Diem and Travel employees. This includes social security number verification, felony and sex offender reports.

Interview Scheduling
All permanent and travel candidate interviews are coordinated through MAS in a timely manner. Once the interview has taken place, our goal is to obtain detailed candidate feedback so that you can make your hiring decisions accordingly.

Salary Negotiation
We take a consultative role in the negotiation of salary between our clients and candidates. We’re positioned to offer salary and benefit comparisons throughout all markets.

Continuous Service
Once a candidate works for your organization we seek feedback on his/her contribution to your facility. We keep in touch with you regularly and try to anticipate any needs for medical staffing options that may arise.

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